Did you know we have an X-Gamer in our midst?

Steve Utgaard, who works on the LivInn Maplewood crew, was in the X games at the end of January!  He was part of the second ever Unified Snowboard race that pairs a professional X Game racer with one that is part of Special Olympics for a side-by-side Giant Slalom race. Steve was paired with Josh Kerr, from Australia. Their combined time was 48.9!  The races were even on ESPN and ABC nation wide!  How great is that?!?!?

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TSE is OPEN today, 2/3/2016!

TSE will be operating regular hours  Wednesday February 3rd.

Please be patient with late rides though!  As of 6 AM many city streets have not been plowed at all. That will slow our drivers down.

Please make sure there is a CLEAR path from your door to your pickup area so everyone can stay safe and as close to on time as possible!!

Stay warm out there folks!

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