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TSE-Work Ahead provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities who have a history of sexual offense or sexually inappropriate behavior.  Though not all people served at this site fit this description, every person is provided a level of supervision that reflects the intensive supports necessary to keep the community and these individuals safe.

While Work Ahead provides Community Employment, In-house Production Work, and other services available at all TSE service sites, the following distinguish the Work Ahead environment:

  • 100% eyes-on supervision
  • special attention to appropriate personal, physical and emotional boundaries
  • collaboration with Adult Day Treatment services that provide:
    • Sex offender therapy for adults with developmental and other disabilities
    • an interdisciplinary team approach that is especially focused on inter-provider communication and consistency and on the safety of the person and the community
  • part-time scheduling available coordinated with each person’s therapy schedule

Due to the histories of the majority of the people served at TSE-Work Ahead, this program is segregated from people served at other TSE services sites.  This includes TSE Transportation services as well.

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