Community employment is the most frequently requested service from TSE.  Currently, 67% of the people served by TSE are utilizing this service.  Historically, the Tom C - Supervalu 2-1placement rate for TSE Community-based Employment has been between 85-90%.

Based upon the employment goals of an individual, different job placement models may  be used.  For those who are capable of working competitively or independently, individual placements are sought.  TSE provides initial training and support and then systematically fades as the employer assumes the supervision of the person. TSE may provide follow-along services, which include regular contacts to insure the worker’s and the employer’s needs continue to be met.  In this manner, the individual is able to maintain successful employment, using the natural supports available to any employee on a job.

Some individuals may have difficulty maintaining employment without ongoing TSE supports.  This may be due to a number of factors, including skill deficits, medical issues or vulnerability concerns.  TSE provides employment for these individuals in a work crew model.  Typically, four individuals served by TSE work together at a business.  A TSE staff is able to provided supports on an ongoing basis, providing each individual the assistance they need while maximizing their independence on the job.

TSE has partnered with the Division of Rehabilitiation Services, Workforce Centers (a State agency under the Department of Employment and Economic DEvelopment), to provide Community Vocational Assessments.  For those individuals engaged with Rehab. Services, a paid work assessment is provided in an area of employment that may be of interest to a person.  This assessment process is a unique opportunity for a person to explore work opportunities for which they may not have personal experience.  For more information on Rehab Services, follow this link.

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