A person’s county case manager will initiate the referral of a person to TSE for services. This includes providing TSE information to evaluate a person’s interests and needs. This information includes the following:
  • A letter from the case manager identifying the services being requested.
  • A current Individual Service Plan (ISP) or Community Support Plan (CSP) from the county.
  • The most recent Progress Report or Individual Habilitation Plan from the current/most recent service provider.
  • A current psychological evaluation.
  • A current physical examination.
  • Other information that clarifies the person’s skills including their work history.

To learn about TSE’s services, a visit will be scheduled with TSE personnel. This may include a visit to one or more service sites.

If a person decides to use TSE’s services, and TSE believes they can effectively serve them, a formal intake meeting will be scheduled. At this time, TSE staff will verify services requested, provide an orientation to applicable policies including Vulnerable Adult procedures, establish a starting date and a follow-up 45-day meeting.

To schedule a visit please call Dan Rietz, Vice President.  [651-489-2595 ext 214]


TSE now administers Metro Transit bus cards and Metro Mobility cards to individuals receiving Medicaid (MA) waiver services, too.

This service had been contracted with MNET in the past, now there are more choices! If you are a case manager in Ramsey county needing to refer a client please contact the TSE main office to check on avaliability [651-489-2595 ext 0] or email Once it is determined that TSE has capacity to take on your client, this form needs to be filled out.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Wondering how much stored value or which pass to give a client?  Try downloading this handy dandy set of tables!


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