TSE Payroll and Payentry.com instructions for TSE paystubs

If you have questions, please email Asa at the main office…  APearson@TSE-inc.org  or 651-489-2595 extension 201

TSE utilizes paperless payroll systems for all employees and Person Served.payroll
This has allowed us to save money (postage gets expensive!) and administrative time. Having this system ensures that pay stubs are not lost and all of your county and social security reporting can be completed at any time of the day!

Payentry Log In Page  will get you to the correct spot….. internet searches often lead you to a company-side log in page.

Each Person Served’s team was notified of the changes 6 months before implementation, and all legal guardians signed a consent form. If someone’s name / job position is not on the consent form, we can’t help them out. If you need to be added, or if you are a legal guardian that needs to change who is allowed access to Payentry.com, please down load, fill out and send in this form…. Paperless Payroll Consent Form.

If banking information has changed, please download, print and send in this form… Paperless Payroll Banking Information. Make sure to Check #3 for any changes, as well as filling out #2 with at least one account. If is strongly suggested that you also include either a voided check, or a print out from your financial institution with your direct deposit routing & account numbers.

If you’ve not been on the system for a while, or need to get it set up, please take a look at these ESS_Employee Instructions.

If an account has already been set up in the past, you will need to call the main office for administrative help. By allowing us to enter a new email address and walk you through set up, you will be saving at least an hour of time!

If you have been locked out and need to reset the password, are having problems printing, are not sure who has access to the account or have any other Payenty.com questions, please call the main office.

Asa is available at extension 201 and can help you out with most any problem you are encountering.

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