What does “TSE” stand for?
The name is derived from the services provided:  Training, Support and Employment.

What geographic area does TSE serve?
TSE primarily serves people living in the Ramsey County area.  Our service area is defined by our ability to provide transportation to and from a particular location within a reasonable amount of time.  Alternative transportation options may expand the geographic boundaries from which a person may receive services from TSE.

How does a person begin receiving services from TSE?
Typically, a county social worker will initiate the referral process.  See the Referral for Services page for further details.

Is there a cost for TSE services?
Typically, there is no cost to the person or family for TSE services.  Services are paid for by Federal, State or County funding.  The exception would be if the person has assets beyond the limits of their funding and require a spend-down.

What services are available from TSE?
The services people receive are based upon their stated interests and needs.  The vast majority of people come to TSE looking for employment.  Others may be interested in facility-based work, learning to use community services or learning other skills leading to greater independence.  TSE utilizes a curriculum-based approach to identify and provide appropriate services for each individual.

What if I don’t want center-based services?
A person seeking community-based employment may not be interested in receiving interim services at one of TSE’s service sites.  In this case, job development will proceed as usual, except that TSE Job Development staff will meet with the person on an individual basis.  Partnership with the state Division of Rehabilitation services may be explored to support job development efforts.

How does TSE partner with community businesses?
TSE works with area businesses to meet their employment needs.  TSE will work with the employer to identify potential openings within their company, and will provide a qualified worker to meet the needs of the position.  Training and support will be provided by TSE Employment Specialists based upon the needs of the employer and the TSE worker. TSE currently has over 60 business partners.

TSE may also provide support to a business by completing work at one of TSE’s training sites.  TSE workers excel at assembly, packaging, digital imaging and mailing tasks, among others.  TSE has a workforce of over 100 people to complete jobs of any size.  TSE prides itself on providing exceptional quality at a competitive price.

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