Blood Borne Pathogen Training" alt="Blood Borne Pathogen Training" /> Blood Borne Pathogen Training
You have 3 days from start date to complete this course, and successfully pass the accompanying test for certification of competence. Your certificate expires in one year, when you'll be prompted to retake this course, or attend an in-person training that is set company wide. Contact Suzette in HR if you are unsure about when your certification expires.
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Content and TalentLMS (SAMP2)" alt="Content and TalentLMS (SAMP2)" /> Content and TalentLMS
What type of content can you use with TalentLMS? Let's find out on this quick course.
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Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)" alt="Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)" /> Introduction to TalentLMS
This course comprises several video tutorials that describe a variety of talentlms functions.
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