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TSE Board of Directors | TSE, Inc.

TSE Board of Directors

TSE is a private, non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors.  Membership on the TSE Board consists of consumer representatives, community members and professionals in the field of developmental disabilities.

The TSE Board of Directors meetings are open to the public and the dates of the meetings can be found HERE.

Chair:  Jamison Randall
Vice Chair:  Patty Sagert
Secretary:  Mary Kay Calsen
Treasurer:  Timothy Moore


James McClean, Health Partners (2010-2017)
Steve Lilly, Staples, Inc.  (2007-2017)
Timothy Moore, Deluxe Corp. (2008-2017)
Chuck Ryan, entrepreneur (2012 -2015)
Jamison Randall, Latuff Brothers Auto Body (2010-2017)
Naomi Ness, Lawyer (2013-2016)
Ed Coleman, 7 Corners Printing (2014-2017)
Jason Helgemoe, Northeast Bank (2015-2018)
Patty Sagert, Rasmussen Collage (2015-2018)
April Boxeth, Voigt, Rode & Boxeth, LLC (2017-2019)
Faith Brandon, Ecolab (2017-2019)

Mary Kay Carlson, Parent (2009-2016)
Peter Grafstrom (2015-2018)
Carol Maloney , Parent (2017-2020)
Ellen Hill, AXIS Minnesota, Inc. (2007-2016)
Kevin Kelly, City of Mound (2007-2016)
Matt Glomb, Legacy Endeavors (2015-2018)

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