Mission and Vision

TSE Mission:
Enriching lives through employment and community connections.

TSE Vision:
Every person TSE serves will achieve their career and life ambitions.

TSE Guiding Principles:

  • All people with disabilities are assets to society
  • People with disabilities enhance the work environment
  • People excel when treated with respect and dignity
  • People succeed in an environment committed to teamwork and open communication
  • Collaboration with stakeholders, including elected officials, promotes effective partnerships and advances system change
  • Quality services reflect an individual’s preferences, goals, strengths and abilities

TSE Values:

  • Advocating for people with disabilities
  • Creating and promoting opportunities for personal growth
  • Embracing diversity
  • Commitment to the integrity and quality of our services
  • Providing innovative and responsive community services
  • Being responsive to the needs, choices and desires of the people we serve

enriching lives through employment and community connections