Company Philosophy


  • TSE strives to actively involve individuals in their communities.  This means  providing the opportunity for regular and meaningful interaction with peers who are not disabled nor paid service providers.
  • TSE provides opportunities to enhance a person’s independence.  This means providing a level of independence that celebrates a person’s abilities while respecting the person’s right to take reasonable risks.
  • TSE provides age-appropriate and functional training in the least restrictive environment.  Individual training and support is provided in a manner that respects the person as an adult.  While recognizing the person’s disabilities, services focus on their strengths and abilities.
  • TSE uses best practices in its financial, personnel, legal and organizational policies and procedures.  As a private, non-profit company, TSE must operate in a manner that uses taxpayer dollars in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  • Health and safety policies and procedures have been established to ensure that the rights, dignity and safety of the people are protected.  This includes the necessary supports that acknowledge each person’s vulnerabilities, and the respect to allow people to risk failure as they attempt to grow as individuals.

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