TSE CLOSED 1/23/18!!! It is WINTER out there folks!

Update to the update…. TSE WILL BE CLOSED TUESDAY JANUARY 23!!!

UPDATE:  As of 8:00 PM we still have drivers stuck out in this sloppy white stuff.  Everyone should either be home, or have gotten a phone call from the driver directly.  We will be down 4 or possibly 5 vans tomorrow, as they (and their new neighbors in the snow are stuck and waiting for tow trucks) so we will be running even later than predicted earlier today. Drivers have been having to stop the van in the most cleared street and walk clients through the snow to their homes so as to not get stuck again.  WE WILL BE MAKING THE DECISION ON OPENING IN THE MORNING!

As of right now (4PM on Monday) we will be open tomorrow morning (Tuesday, January 23).  The final decision will be made before most any of us are even thinking about getting out of bed.

IF  TSE decides to close tomorrow, you will get a phone call early in the morning by a job coach or an office staff member.

It will be posted here as well!!!

IF we stay open …. Please be patient waiting for the vans…the roads are awful.  They will be driving slowly to get everyone safely to their jobs.

YOU can help by SHOVELING all the way to where the vans pick up… this also may mean shoveling your driveway!   Make sure someone is watching for the van, even if it is running 20 minutes late.  Make sure coats and hats are ready to put on quickly…. don’t be the one that the van has to wait on!