Steve Lilly won the Staples “2 Million and Change” recognition and that wins TSE a $5000 Grant!
Thank you for all you do, Steve!

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Have you attended a WIOA Counseling Session? Here are details!

Letters will be sent out as a follow up regarding the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  As described in previous communications, this act requires that each person who wants to continue working on special minimum wage jobs (as most of our in-house contract is paid), they must complete a counseling session with the Metro Centers for Independent Living  (MCIL).  The focus of these sessions is to explain to the person and/or guardian the benefits of competitive, integrated employment.  Once this session is completed, whether the person does or does not choose competitive employment as their goal, they will be able to continue to work on special minimum wage jobs.

You may be receiving a letter because TSE has not received notification that the counseling session has been completed for you.  This MUST be completed no later than July 22, 2017.  As of that date, TSE will not be able to offer special minimum wage work to you until you have completed the process.  
MCIL is hosting a number of public sessions that you can attend.
I am urging you to attend an MCIL session as soon as possible.
If you do not plan to attend because you do not want special minimum wage work offered, please contact me via email ( or phone (651-489-2595 x214).  You will be removed from any further communications regarding this process.
While TSE does not have direct responsibility to coordinate the meetings with MCIL, we do have a responsibility to know for whom this process is complete. As of July 22, we will discontinue special minimum wage work for anyone who has not completed this process. I’m sure you appreciate the enormity of this task of monitoring the process.  We would like to wrap this up as soon as possible so that we can devote our attention to other pressing issues.

Time to order Logo Clothes!

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New logo, new price two sided

Is it time to update your wardrobe for Spring?

What better way then TSE logo clothing!    We still have sling bags for $10.  See the sample at your site.  We also have 5 new-ish items, Long sleeve performance T, ¼ zip Fleck shirt, Cosmic Fleck hoody, lace up hoody and ¼ zipper windshirt.  I will have samples at the all staff meeting on Wed for you to view.  When filling out the order form, be sure you circle the color choice along with the size.   Our short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts have the TSE mission statement printed on the back.  Please note on the order form that each item is priced for sizes small through extra large.  Each size larger than that is $2.00 extra, so if you order and 3XL, it is an additional $4.00 etc…. and there is an additional charge of $5.00 for names stitched on each article of clothing.   Please fill out the enclosed order form and send it with a check made out to TSE.  The deadline for receiving orders will be March 20th, 2017.

The orders will be available approximately two-three weeks after that.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Chris Steiner at 651-484-6230 ex 201.

You can see a few of the newer items….. Thanks for modeling Lindsey!!!