Treasures is Closing up shop

TSE has made a formal announcement as of April 5, 2016 to our valued customers and vendors that we will be retiring the stepping stone portion of the TSE Treasures program at the end of 2016. We will discontinue taking customer orders as of August 31, 2016 but will continue selling stepping stones at craft shows. Our last show will be in November.

Back in 2007, a committee of staff and management members met to brainstorm different products that could provide ongoing paid work to our person served in center. We started out making handmade greeting cards, piñatas and stepping stones. While the piñatas faded out, we found that the stepping stone project was successful. Over the past 9 years, both staff and person served have been able to explore their artistic sides and hone our skills at glass cutting, designing and laying stones.

We have reached the point where we have saturated the market that is available to us; we have travelled throughout the Twin Cities Metro area to garden shows and craft shows as well as carrying out stones in consignment shops and gift shops. It has been a fun experience for staff and person served alike, but the project has become something that we have decided to cut back on in order to devote more staff time to curriculum, community integration and possible volunteer or paid experiences in the community.

A lot of time and work has gone into making this project successful and we appreciate everyone that made that happen!

The discontinuing of the stepping stone project will affect the pay of person served that primarily work in center on site based contract work. As we head into July, please start consulting with interdisciplinary team members regarding the wages and finances of your person served and how they would like to meet their needs in the future. TSE will continue to provide site based contract jobs as they are received but your person served may choose to be added to the community based job list, take on volunteer opportunities or focus on other daily living skills that they would like to achieve.

Please contact Marilee Larson, Employment Services Director at 651.489.2595 ext 211 if you would like to speak to the Employment Services team about adding your person served to the community job list or can provide leads for community or site based employment.

It has been a please running the TSE Treasures Program and I appreciate everyone that has helped to make it successful!