UPDATE! Oh No! Payentry.com is currently broken!

There was a  Critical Error at the beginning of May 2016. This error wiped out the email addresses and any usernames. If you cannot get into the account, and it gives you an error stating that the username is wrong, please call Asa at the office.  She will help you get everything set up again. The instructions that were posted after the incident have now expired and you will need administrative help to set the account up again. 

If you still have questions, please email Asa at the main office…  APearson@TSE-inc.org  or 651-489-2595 extension 201

We have found the Critical Error!!!  It wiped out all of the usernames and email addresses, and reset to the defaults. It DID NOT wipe out the passwords.   You need to log in using the Client’s Social Security number  as Username and the last Password you know, not the default password that was first sent to you.

***EXPIRED INSTRUCTIONS**Click HERE for a downloaded .PDF of instructions.

If you still have questions, please email Asa at the main office…   APearson@TSE-inc.org  or 651-489-2595 extension 201


Until we can find the critical error, please EMAIL Asa to get copies of any paystubs that you need.   APearson@TSE-inc.org 

Make sure you include your name & job position, the client’s name and exactly which paystubs you need. Asa will email back the needed information in the order the request was received.

We will post updates on the Payentry status and any instructions you need as soon as we get them.

Thanks for your patience!