From the Archives…. From Summer 2013 newsletter

The Conway Cub Connection       

 by Marilee Larson, Employment Services Director

On any given Sunday, Dave and Pam Conway routinely go to church and then stop for groceries at their neighborhood Cub Grocery Store in the Phalen area.  They make their way through the store picking up what they need and chit-chat with Cub staff, including Joe, a long-term Cub employee.  Over the years, they became familiar faces and good customers.

One day Joe insisted on introducing the Conways to Richard Hamilton, the GM.  They talked about Tom and how much he wanted to work there….and the kinds of tasks Tom would be good at, including stocking.

Richard said he had a need for someone to do special projects that involved stocking.  He said he had a few hours available for this very thing.  Dave began telling Rich about TSE’s support services and Rich said he was familiar with that type of employment model.  They agreed that it looked like a good match and Dave contacted TSE Employment Services Director, Marilee Larson with the details.  Marilee contacted Rich and set up an appointment to interview Tom and discuss his career.  With the groundwork laid by the Conways, the rest was easy.

Rich then contacted LouAnn at Cub Human Resources, and LouAnn set up Tom’s orientation with TSE Employment Specialist, Dawn Ellering accompanying him.  Tom started his new career in the grocery store industry on April 25…working 10 hours per week…and is now a productive member of the Cub staff.  Tom’s supervisor, Steve, provides Tom with direction at the beginning of his shift and Tom enthusiastically completes his assignments. TSE provides an Employment Specialist, Travis Collins, who checks in with Tom on each shift.  Tom has truly become a Cub team member, making friends with many co-workers…and representing Cub and TSE well.